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Sharepoint Designer 2010 Features: From SPC09 Las Vegas October 19, 2009

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Sharepoint Designer 2010 Features

Live from Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. I am at the SharePoint Conference 2009 and listening to Asifrehmani’s presentation on SharePoint Designer 2010. Here are the features he talked about.

  • New Site Collection permissions for managing pages with SPD and detaching from site template / materpage (Was called ghosting in 2003 and then called Customizing in 2007). New Site Collection permissions for managing pages with SPD and detaching from site template / materpage (was called unghosting in 2003 and then called customizing in 2007).
  • Can create list or document library from within Designer.
  • Can change list schema (create, edit, delete list columns) from within Designer
  • To show a list on another page, rather than dropping in a webpart for that list, SharePoint Designer has Site Pages.
    • Can edit file in Normal mode or Advanced mode. To not have the page break in Chrome, for example, edit in Normal mode.
  • Within Designer, can manipulate site permissions much easier than via web.
  • Site Assets is a new concept to hold CSS and other resources for custom pages.
  • Rest web services can be connected to in Designer.

XsltListViewWebpart – New DVWP and ListViewWebpart

  • XsltListViewWebpart is different from DataViewWebpart because it only shows list information. DVWP could show any information.
    • Ability to format item in boxed view based on filters with new built-in parameters.
    • Data View was used as the example of putting the list information onto a newly created Site Page.
      • XsltListViewWebpart – new webpart. Created when Data View was dropped onto the page.
      • It combines the best of ListViewWebpart and DVWP.
      • Will remain as one of the most powerful Webparts in SharePoint.
  • DataFormWebpart pulls list information up as XML and uses XSLT to transform it. It works very much like DVWP. When manipulating XSLT via Designer, Insert Formula screen has more intelligent preview of what data markup currently looks like.

Business connectivity Services is new BDC (Business Data Catalog)

  • Pulls LOB data and pushes into SharePoint.
  • Easier to configure connections as external content types.
  • From Central SharePoint Administration, can manage ECT (External Content Type).


  • Reusable List Workflows as well as Site Workflows.
  • In workflow wizard, can choose which content types to have workflow applied.
  • Starting to consolidate Designer Workflow terminology with BizTalk. i.e. Activity. Declarative Rules.
  • Email activity has rich text editor and String Builder built in that has intelligent lookup using Data Source/Item selectors.
  • (Finally. No longer will developers waste time fixing HTML within a simple window for workflow e-mail.)
  • In the workflow steps, start typing and it will auto-lookup acceptable activities. i.e. start typing “emai” and press enter it will bring in Email activity.
  • Favorite example at SPC09 so far – >(Better example of auto-complete. Start typing “ass” and press enter to bring in assignment activity. Nice one @asifrehmani)

Site Templates

Backward Compatibility

Unfortunately, Microsoft fell short here. SharePoint Designer 2010 and most other SharePoint 2010 products will only work with the SharePoint 2010 runtime. Steve Ballmer himself declared that they would have liked to have made it backward compatible, but they had to make the tough decision of drastically changing the runtime moving forward.


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