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SharePoint as Gov 2.0 and Enterprise Web Platform: From SPC09 Las Vegas October 22, 2009

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This is the last session at the 2009 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. The presenter is Dean Halstead (Twitter.com/DeanHalstead), a Collaboration Architect at Microsoft.

[Update] A version of Dean’s presentation has been found here.


  • Understand how to leverage solutions and approaches that are being used throughout Government (Gov 2.0) to improve social networking and address common challenges in your organization or company.
  • Pillars of Transparency
    • Accountability
    • Participation
    • Transparency

Gov 2.0

  • As you deal with web 2.0 type content and new media in your org, you may need an information policy applied to the content such as Sarbanes-Oxley or Freedom of Information Act, etc.
  • Recovery.Gov is built on SharePoint
    • Shows an overview video and information on Best Practices on how to implement 2007.
    • Talks quickly about a No-Code solution for clicking on video links and have the video appear in a DVWP that was built using SharePoint Designer. When the presenter said this, I looked up and saw a URL parameter, ID=5. Thus, the DVWP was just filtering on the list that has the YouTube script that was probably copied directly from YouTube’s embed code section.
  • Contextual Social Networking
    • A trend towards social networking fatigue. Too much personal information along with new enterprise social tools and information.
    • With contextual social networking, the system can automatically tell the user that others are working on something similar as you upload a document or name a document with certain tags.
  • Gov 2.0 Common Feature Challenges
    • Internal/Extgernal integration
    • Internal micro-blogging (Twitter / Facebook)
    • Social Network Analysis
    • Geospatial integration
    • Data, data, data, podcasting, and communities.
  • Gov 2.0 Kit
    • Enhanced version is being released on Codeplex today! First time audience clapped.
    • Enhanced MySite for Microsoft SharePoint™ RC1 – October 22, 2009. 
    • Easy to install tools. They are MSI installs and activated features.
    • Demo of the Gov 2.0 kit
      • My Peeps
        • An internal, behind the firewall twitter.
        • To follow and monitor people
        • There is a little T and F icon to allow you to update your status internally and externally to the public Twitter and Facebook accounts.
        • Auditing is built into the kit. On the My Peeps dashboard, the little T and F icons show up next to each tweet, so that others know where else it was posted to
        • When you follow someone, it is a request and requires approval by the followed person.
        • The current solution does not have spelling or grammar check.
      • My Home
        • Is a Facebook like profile page.
        • It has Updates to see actions such as “John Posted notes.doc on Shared Documents”.
      • Twitter webpart
        • Pulls personal feeds into the SharePoint portal.
    • ICE
      • A Codeplex project that is a Silverlight control that can be embedded in SharePoint.
      • It shows not only people, but object relationships in a link map. Very cool!
    • Jackbe Mashup tools.
      • Helps to make data transparent and thread it throughout the org.
      • Presto by Jackbe is a mashup tool. A data modeler or expert business decision maker can create a model and combine information from SharePoint and CRM (etc).
      • End users can then take those data models and drop them into SharePoint pages as Webparts.
      • The Mashup Webparts can even communicate with each other using web part connections.

Gov 2.0 Common Policy Challenges

  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
    • How do you find PII and secure it?
      • Use FAST search and Concept Search to find data and automatically turn it into a PII document which is secured differently and can even be RMS (Rights Management Server) and digitally protected. It allows you to put rights onto the document and encrypt it. Permissions to open the document must be given.
      • The organization will be able manually or automatically categorize (based on Policy rules) to discover the data and delete it or protect it.
  • Endorsement of Information
    • Community Moderated
    • Organizational Moderation (Twitter, Facebook, and Public site)
      • Having a moderator is a drain on the orginizations
      • Apps for America (a context put on by Gov 2.0 Summit) finalist had a community based moderation solution.
    • Public Affairs Workflow for release (Blogs, Wikis, Documents, etc)
  • Culture Wars
    • Conflict Areas
      • Old Guard vs. Generation Y and 2.0
      • Sign-to-Noise, definition of “Real Work”, Privacy, and Control Corporate Messaging
    • Impact
      • Social Networking initiatives being stifled
      • Low Adoption/Classes, Slowed Idea Generation, Lower Employee Satisfaction, Institutional Knowledge Bleed
  • Other challenges
    • Information Spillage
    • Security Concerns
    • Trusted and Authoritative Source
    • Identity Management
    • Governance
    • Accessibility (Section 508/WCAG)
    • On-premise hosting
    • Silos of Information
    • Integration and Interoperability
  • Resources

    As solutions and best practices are rolled out in Recovery.gov, these solutions will spread to other Government agencies. I personally think that social network tools will greatly improve the knowledge transfer within the enterprise and government.



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